Roma 1000 Self Propelled Wheelchair


Roma 1000 Wheelchair
Roma 1000 Wheelchair User Weight

Roma 1000 User Weight

The Roma 1000 wheelchair is capable of carrying a user weight up to 18 stone.

Roma 1000 Wheelchair Seat Width

Seat Width

The Roma 1000 Self Propelled Wheelchair has a standard seat width of 16 inches.

Roma 1000 SP Carry Weight

Carry Weight

When transporting the Roma 1000 SP wheelchair it has a carry weight of 17.5kg

Roma 1000 Self Propelled Wheelchair

The Roma 1000 Wheelchair is a good quality wheelchair which is packed with a wide range of features. This wheelchair comes with detachable padded armrests and height adjustable footrests to ensure a comfortable ride. The wheelchair can be folded for easier storage and transportation.

This wheelchair comes with detachable padded arm rests and height adjustable foot rests to ensure a comfortable ride. The wheelchair can also be folded for easy storage and transport.

The seat upholstery is flame retardant whilst still being easy to clean.

This self-propelled wheelchair also has a folding backrest and a progressive braking system.



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Roma 1000 Wheelchair


The Roma Wheelchair can be easily folded down and thanks to its lightweight it’s very easy to transport in the car. It has detachable foot rests and detachable arm rests.

This wheelchair has been successfully crash tested and is well suited for use in a suitably adapted vehicle.


Product Features

This wheelchair comes with a range of features including a progressive braking system and a nylon upholstery which is flame retardant.

This ‘value for money’ budget wheelchair makes this a very practical and a very popular, these are a must have with Care Homes, Supermarkets and Hospitals.

The standard wheelchair is available in Black with detachable arm rests, detachable foot plates and wipe clean padded upholstery for maximum comfort and easy maintenance.

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