Viper Self Propelled Wheelchair


viper self propelled wheelchair
Viper Self Propelled Wheelchair User Weight

Viper User Weight

The Viper wheelchair is capable of carrying a user weight up to 18 stone 2lbs.

Viper Self Propelled Wheelchair Seat Width

Viper Seat Width

The Viper manual wheelchair has a standard seat width of 18 inches.

Viper Self Propelled Wheelchair Carry Weight

Viper Carry Weight

When transporting the Viper wheelchair it weighs 18.4kg

Viper Self Propelled Wheelchair

The Viper is an impressive looking wheelchair designed with style in mind. The sporty look of the Viper Stands out and will have you turning heads wherever you go. The Viper manual wheelchair is a well-made wheelchair which can be seen in its sturdy and solid build, so you rest assure that you can rely on your wheelchair wherever your adventures might take you.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that your journeys have to start at home! The Viper wheelchair is one of the lightest manual wheelchairs on the market today which makes transporting it almost effortless. To make its size as compact as possible and to facilitate easy carrying the Viper self propelled wheelchair folds width ways substantially reducing its size. This makes it easy to store the Viper self propelled wheelchair in the boot of your car ready for days out.


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Viper Wheelchair

Viper Self Propelled Wheelchair

Fitted with solid low maintenance tyres the Viper manual wheelchair is able to provide a smooth and comfortable ride. This makes even the longest journeys enjoyable and removes any concerns over aches and pains while seated in the Viper wheelchair.

Furthermore the Viper wheelchair is capable of carrying a user weight of up to 18 stone accommodating a whole range of users.


Product Features

Experience the Viper in action and see all its great features! Complete with a number of features that you would normally find on a more expensive the Viper has everything you need for a safe and comfortable experience when in this wheelchair.

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Viper Wheelchair